MELAB Test Day

Test Day Schedule

8:00 AM - 8:30 AM: Candidates arrive

  • Cellphones and belongings left at coat-check
  • Washroom used before check-in

9:00 AM - 1:00 PM: Written test

1:00 PM: Test ends

  • Candidates collect belongings and leave

1:40 PM - 9:20 PM

  • Same day speaking tests (assigned individually)

Test Day Information:

You MUST bring with you:

Photo ID

  • You must bring one (1) piece of photo ID to the test.
  • The ID must be government-issued (Passport, Permanent Resident Card, Health Card, or Driver's License). 
  • You should bring the same ID you used during your registration.

Passport-sized photo

  • You must bring one (1) passport-sized photo of yourself.
  • Your photo does not need to be an official passport photo, but it must be a recent photo, and it must look like you do now.  If you do not come to the test with a photograph, a fee of $20 will be charged.     

Please note, your photograph will be taken during test registration and you will be asked to sign a declaration against test malpractice before taking the test.  This photograph and declaration will be kept on file for two years and may be used to investigate test misconduct.