IELTS Score Information

Ordering an Additional TRF
(After You Receive Your Score)

IELTS scores are valid for 2 years, and reports (TRFs) can be ordered from ETC.


There is a charge of:

  • $30 per report for immigration or citizenship purposes (General Training module only);
  • $30 per report sent within Canada;
  • $40 per report sent to the US;
  • $75 per report sent worldwide.

TRF fees are subject to 13% HST (HST# 833405731RT0001).

Option 1 - ONLINE (Easiest and quickest option)

Option 2 - IN PERSON

  • Come to our office at 455 Spadina Ave, 4th floor, Toronto, ON M5S 2G8.
  • Fill in the form and pay by cash, debit or credit card

Personal Test Report Forms (TRFs)

  • Score results are available online 13 days after your test. Access your results on the ORS Website by entering your:

    • Test Date,
    • Date of birth,
    • ID number (Passport or Permanent Resident card), and
    • Candidate number.
  • Your Personal Test Report Form (TRF) can be picked at our office 13-60 days following your exam. Monday-Friday 10 AM to 6 PM.

  • Candidates must show ID when picking up their score reports. 

  • All personal Test Report Forms (TRFs) will be held at our office at 455 Spadina Ave for 60 days from the test date.  After 60 days, they will be destroyed.  If you would like your personal TRF mailed to your home, you must email with your request.

  • Score results are confidential. No scores will be given over the phone or by email.

Official Test Report Forms (TRFs)

  • Institutions will only accept official Test Report Forms (TRFs) sent directly from ETC.

  • Five (5) Test Report Forms (TRFs) to recognized institutions are included in the price of the IELTS, provided they were included during your online registration.

  • Official Test Report Forms (TRFs) will be sent to your institutions 13 days after the test.

  • Official Test Report Forms (TRFs) cannot be withheld once they have been entered during your online registration.

Rescoring Your Test
(Enquiry on Results)

  • If you believe there is an error in your score, you can request a rescore.
  • You must request a rescore within SIX WEEKS of your test date.
  • Your test can only be rescored once.
  • Fill in the Enquiry on Results Form and submit it, along with your original score report to ETC.
  • You may choose one or more parts of the test to be rescored: the fees are the same, $200.
  • Rescoring takes six to eight weeks.
  • Your rescore fees will be refunded if an error is confirmed.
  • If you are not satisfied after the EOR process, you may follow the appeals process.  Click here for more information.

EOR is subject to 13% HST (HST# 833405731RT0001).

IELTS tests are highly reliable and errors rarely occur.