MELAB E-Writing Topics

Thank you for participating in e-writing!

You may now submit your essay for feedback and a preliminary score.

Either send your essay(s) in a Word document as an attachment, or just paste the essay into the body of your email.  If you applied for more than one, you may submit the essays one at a time, or you can submit all at the same time.

You may email your essay(s) to

Please allow 5 business days for marking. You may use essay topics from any of the following sources:

a) CaMLA's Online Sample Test *

b) Any MELAB Workshop book *

c) The English Testing Canada website: Click here *

*Please submit the topic with your essay

When writing your essays, it is ideal to follow the instructions provided on the sample test, as they are the same on the real test. Here are those instructions:

  • You will have 30 minutes to write on one of the two topics printed below. If you do not write on one of these topics, your paper will not be scored.
  • You may make an outline if you wish, but your outline will not count toward your score.
  • Write about 1 to 2 pages. Your test will be marked down if it is extremely short. Ask an invigilator for more paper if you need it.
  • You will not be graded on the appearance of your paper, but your handwriting must be readable. You may change or correct your writing, but you should not copy the whole composition over.
  • Your test will be judged on clarity and overall effectiveness, as well as on:
    • topic development
    • organization
    • range, accuracy, and appropriateness of grammar and vocabulary

If you have any questions about e-writing instructions, please contact

Additional Sample Test Essay Questions for e-writing:

  • Describe your best childhood memory. Explain when, where, and how it happened, who was involved, and why it remains important to you.

  • Imagine yourself five years from now, and describe your lifestyle and achievements. You may wish to explain what goals you have and what obstacles you many need to overcome.

  • Consider both the benefits and the detriments of cell phones (i.e. consider both what is good and what is bad about them). In your view, does this technology improve society or not?

  • In North America, politicians often debate about whether it is more important to save the environment or to keep the economy strong. Which do you think is more important? Explain why, using specific examples.

  • How important do you think it is for people who come to North America to keep using the languages and traditions of their homeland? Explain, using specific examples.

  • Many people with new babies would like to have their mothers and fathers provide childcare, but some people would prefer to hire a nanny or other professional caregiver when they need childcare. Consider the benefits of both sides and state what you think is the best option.